About Us

First impressions are important.

So much has changed in marketing over the last decade, and perhaps the biggest change has been the role of the internet in gaining new clients. Even for your existing clients, a quality web presence will encourage their confidence in you and your practice. For many new clients their first impression of you and the quality of your services will come from their visit to your website. More and more new clientele will likely find you online, and that clientele will equate a truly professional website with professional services.

That’s where we come in.

Pixel Pro Quo was created by a lawyer and an organizational management Phd, each of whom has extensive experience (and success!) in web design and marketing. After having the opportunity of looking around the legal web space, we found a huge gap in available law firm web services.

Recognizing the lack of quality web services for solo practitioners, small firms, and medium-sized firms, we created a web service geared towards the specific needs of attorneys. The results of that experiment is Pixel Pro Quo, a user-friendly web platform that helped attorneys and other professionals manage their business online.

WordPress with professionals in mind.

It didn’t take us long to expand our offerings to other professionals and industries whose needs weren’t being met by existing web service offerings. Today we host websites for everything from attorneys to college professors, from scientists to golf pros.

Built on WordPress, with expanded tools to cater to professionals and e-commerce businesses, Pixel Pro Quo fills a need creating a high-quality online presence for professional clients.

Thanks for learning more about us–if you’ve got any questions, just drop us a line.

We hope to see you around Pixel Pro Quo often.


Jacob Tingen, B.A., J.D.