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WordPress Law Theme

WordPress law themes are created specifically for attorneys, law firms and legal offices that want to build instant credibility. Many WordPress law themes work with or without an integrated law blog. They include a variety of color options, multiple sidebars, widgetized home pages, call to action boxes and much more.

First Impressions Matter

When visiting a website, consumers tend to read pages differently than they do a printed page. Visitors scan web pages rather than systematically reading every word. It’s a bit like how brochures or pamphlets are read. To maximize this tendency, a website should highlight information that is important. Information should be brief, punchy and to the point. Use a great deal of highlighted text, headings and short sentences. If more detail is needed, simply link from the headings or highlighted text and consumers can click for greater detail.

Get Started in Just a Few Minutes

Get a clean, organized and sophisticated look for your business website with a WordPress law theme. Gone are the days when you needed to set up every section of the site in a step-by-step process. With many WordPress law themes you simply activate the theme and then you can start adding listings, images, widgets, descriptions, blog posts, pages, etc.

Design settings are integrated in many WordPress law themes, so you can control various design elements through the design panel. It’s easy to change font color, link color, background colors and much more without ever touching a single line of code.

Simply choose the WordPress law theme that best fits your firm and then customize the look and layout to fit the content and images you choose to display.

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