Law Office WordPress Themes

There are many law office WordPress themes to choose from in order to build a new website or to simply add a law office blog. These themes are designed specifically for law firms, attorneys, consultancy firms and other businesses and corporations needing a clean, professional website.

If your law office needs a website, but you don’t know HTML, WordPress is the way to go. When deciding on a law office WordPress theme for your website, there are several ways to start. We recommend that you use our services here at Pixel Pro Quo because we have customized our WordPress interface to the needs of lawyers and law firms. We provide free hosting packages and additional features and lawyer oriented themes for a small monthly fee.

Managing your own law office WordPress theme seems daunting, but it is easy to do and is very affordable. You can get an account here at Pixel Pro Quo and have your law firm website up and running in less than five minutes, even if you’re new to website management. Once you’ve done the basic WordPress install, choose your law office WordPress theme and customize your site.

Choose among our dozens of law office WordPress themes, and customize as needed. You may need to purchase an upgrade package if you want to use a custom domain, or if you want to take full advantage of our law firm office management tools including document management, and online web form integration.

Choose the hosting option that best fits your needs. Good luck!

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